Gateway at Millbrae Station: Project Profile

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James Woodbury, Pablo Azcona, and Trent Zane of Blach Construction describe the implementation of AEC technology on Gateway at Millbrae Station, a transportation-oriented, mixed-use development in Millbrae, California, that was built as a joint venture between Blach Construction and Cahill Contractors.

One notable observation regarding the use of AEC technology for the Gateway at Millbrae Station project is the significant impact it had on the construction schedule. By leveraging advanced tools such as laser scanning, total station survey, and BIM software, the project team was able to identify and resolve design and construction conflicts at earlier stages. This early detection led to a substantial reduction in rework and change orders, resulting in a highly efficient and streamlined construction process. Moreover, the integration of technology fostered improved communication and collaboration among team members, enhancing their ability to work cohesively towards project goals.