Graphisoft Building Together 2024 Collaborate Event

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Last month, Graphisoft held the first of its Building Together events for 2024, one that was focused specifically on collaboration in AEC. In addition to highlighting Graphisoft’s solutions for collaboration, the Collaborate event provided an in-depth look at a customer case study showcasing this collaboration in action: the Nivy Centrum project in Bratislava, Slovakia by the firm SIEBERT + TALAŠ …

Build the Future ALLPLAN Summit 2024

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Last week, Nemetschek’s leading AEC technology brand, ALLPLAN, held a virtual event to provide an overview of its growing technology stack, which now includes the structural engineering solutions, SCIA Engineer and FRILO, in addition to its flagship BIM application, Allplan, the steel detailing and fabrication solution, SDS2, and the collaboration platform, Bimplus. In addition to showcasing its products and their …

The Impact of Big Data and Other Emerging Technologies on the Construction Industry

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The construction industry is on the cusp of a technological revolution, with big data and emerging technologies like blockchain, 3D printing, robotics, digital twins — and, of course, AI — poised to reshape the way buildings are designed, constructed, and operated. In this article, Don Jacob, Bluebeam co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, discusses how, by embracing these technologies and using …

What’s New in Revit 2025

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Revit expert Dan Stine provides a detailed overview of the new features in the just-released Revit 2025, including several toposolid enhancements for working with terrain models, improvements to work more easily with multiple materials, improved Project Browser search, a new Insights tab on the Home screen, more transparency and control over local storage, enhanced operating schedules and updated gbXML support …

ALICE Core for Construction Optioneering

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This review explores ALICE Core, which allows construction companies to fine-tune their P6 construction schedules through analysis and optimization so that they can make the best use of the resources available to them to build the project in the fastest possible time and with the lowest cost. URL:

DNM Architecture: Firm Profile

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David Marlatt, Founder and Principal of DNM Architecture, shares his firm’s perspective on AEC technology, including how it has been shaped by his long stint at Graphisoft where he rose to become the President of Graphisoft’s US office before returning to architectural practice. Given my background in the AEC technology industry, and specifically with ArchiCAD, there was never a moment …

Sova3D Platform for City Information Modeling

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This article provides an overview of the Sova3D CIM (City Information Modeling) platform, which has not only been in commercial development in Finland for several years but is also being actively implemented in several Finnish cities to support their planning and management activities. It also looks in detail at Sova3D’s implementation in the city of Järvenpää as well as how …

WA100 Live 2024 Webinar: Exploring the Impact of AI on Architecture

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Similar to last year when I attended and wrote about a World Architecture 100 (WA100) Live webinar focused on technology, I attended a similar webinar this year which discussed how AI (Artificial Intelligence) was impacting the architecture sector. While it is still relatively early days for AI in design, it was very interesting and insightful to hear the perspectives of …

Dusty Robotics in Action

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Towards the end of last year, I had the opportunity to visit a construction site that was using technology from a company called Dusty Robotics. As the name suggests, the company makes robots, not for tasks that we typically associate with robots such as manufacturing prefabricated components or even for automating tasks for onsite construction such as rebar tying, but …

Skema: Jumpstarting BIM

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Skema is a new web-based conceptual design tool for architects that aims to “fast forward” the traditional design process to get to the BIM model. It does this through a lot of automation, starting with creating the massing model of a proposed design on a selected site, analyzing it for sustainability, refining the mass with blocking and stacking for schematic …