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Tis the season to take a break and reflect back on Wells Concrete Blogs of 2018.  Wells published close to 30 blogs during the past year discussing the attributes, advantages and future of precast concrete to help inform and educate our readers and followers.  My blog will highlight what I thought was this year’s Top Four.  I think it’s important to revisit what these blogs communicated, so here they are!


#4 Lesson of the Day
(Gregg Jacobson – VP of Operations)

I’ve been in the concrete industry over 40 years and this misconception has always been a pet-peeve of mine.  Gregg does a great job of simplifying the facts and Megan’s illustration is perfect!

“You see, cement is only an ingredient in concrete – it is a dried powder on its own. In this form, it would make a pretty worthless cement block or cement driveway; the powder would merely blow away in the wind.”


#3 Teamwork (Bob Geil – Sales)

Bob’s blog was posted back in January 2018 and has probably fallen off everybody’s radar by December.  Teams that work together are successful and teams that don’t work together are not teams.  I would like to bring you back to the Six Steps he listed in becoming a better team player.

  1. Accept that conflict is normal and can occur within groups. Conflict will be easier to deal with if each group member understands that disagreements play a normal and fundamental role in group formation.
  2. Be willing to acknowledge good ideas even in the face of competition. Praising each other has a positive effect on the group by improving the probability of the project’s success.
  3. Avoid backbiting and complaining about fellow team members. Should a problem develop do your best to solve it with that group member, addressing the issue directly and tactfully, or, if absolutely necessary, consult your supervisor.
  4. Use your resources. Do not be afraid to ask questions and seek advice from those within your organization who can provide the information needed to increase the group’s knowledge and effectiveness.
  5. Delegate according to your strengths. By first assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each group member, you are able to delegate tasks to the members with the strongest skills in that area. Giving assignments according to the interests and strong points of your teammates will increase your chances of success and efficiency.
  6. Go the extra mile. Going the extra mile is not only one way to ensure the success of your project, but also an effective way to gain the respect of fellow co-workers.


#2 Benefits of 3D Printing in the Construction Industry (Ryan Stroschein – CFO)

Ryan explains the benefit of 3D printing to create complicated and complex modeling over materials (wood & plastic) of the past.  University of Minnesota’s Pioneer Hall Addition & Renovation was a perfect project to incorporate this new and exciting technology for seamless forming for the window framing.


#1 Pulling Into First with New Finishes and Features (Spencer Kubat – VP of Sales & Marketing)

Spencer talked about some new and very exciting finishes (Graphic Concrete, cast-in Terra Cotta and Oldstone surfaces).

I would like to add another exciting finish we are promoting: polished concrete.  This past year we have completed three projects (Sartell School, New St. Could Tech HS and Chisago Lakes Elementary).

Pre-installed Windows (in Precaster’s Facility) was also mention in his blog which will save time on your project schedule.

To my colleagues, great job on your blogs, I’m looking forward to reading all of the quality content our team will come up with in 2019.

To our readers and followers, we appreciate your comments and you can continue to find our blogs posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course, on our website, www.wellsconcrete.com

To our customers, thanks for your business and please take advantage of our continue education tools, such as Box Lunch Seminars, and tours of our Mockup Buildings and Production facilities.

And to everyone, have a joyful and safe holiday season!

Rick Ostgard

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