What is the difference between precast concrete construction vs. traditional construction?

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When comparing traditional construction versus precast concrete construction the biggest difference is time; precast construction can save you time on-site. Precast construction typically works heavily with the design team in early stages of the project development, and these efforts up front will save time and money for the overall project schedule in the long run.  With layout coordinated up front the building process can be accelerated, which will get the building enclosed quicker than traditional construction.

Take for example a school gymnasium: to construct this with block and brick, the schedule could take months to get enclosed. However, using precast gymnasium walls it can be enclosed in 2-3 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the project.  By having the building enclosed the overall project can us these areas for staging areas for other trades and adds to the security for their materials.  Plus, precast walls can be erected in all temperatures versus having to heat and hoard for your traditional construction methods in the winter months.  This saves time on the project, which in turn saves money.  By accelerating the project schedule, this can also save the project money by lessening the amount of general conditions that are needed for the overall project.

Ben Ahneman
Vice President – Project Management (Fargo)

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