Total Precast Makes Business Sense

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Often times with design and construction businesses, the people that make up the companies are very task oriented and therefore the companies themselves become task oriented. If you let them know what needs to be done, they will accomplish it to the best of their abilities and to the highest quality, as soon as reasonably possible. With that type of focus however, the reason a project exists in the first place can sometimes get lost in the periphery.

These companies are more than familiar with the necessary business side of things, including the need to provide the required construction documents for the client to secure financing and permits to get the building off the ground. But is there a way to not only design and construct a building that accomplishes the client’s functional needs, but one that addresses their business needs as well?

The answer is yes, and believe it or not, its precast.

Hopefully by now you’ve read all about how the natural advantages of precast lend itself to architectural versatility while still meeting the structural needs of the project, and how installation can outpace other building materials, especially during winter. How the building frame and envelope can be produced while other on-site construction activities are occurring, and how it can be produced in a manner that decreases others trades’ time on site.

Adding to all of this is the simplified design phase due to the fact that precast has less materials to coordinate and design – precasters have go-to details and sections that they are very familiar with, and they have appropriate applications for all of them. Ultimately this means one thing: a building that can be made available to the market sooner. This is critical to owners and developers to maximize return on investment and justify building the project. If the building isn’t going to generate the necessary profit in order to build it in the first place, what’s the point? The quicker return on investment achieved with total precast, coupled with a shortened construction schedule and costs associated with that, plus the lower life cycle cost of a high quality building will lead to an overall value that is hard to beat with other materials.

Designers and contractors that realize this and utilize it in order to do what they can to assist in their client’s business needs will consequently be helping their own business needs at the same time.

Chase Radue, PE
Project Engineer




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