Total Precast is the Solution for General Contractors

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As a General Contractor, meeting or exceeding your schedule is one of the main goals to making the project a profitable success. One of the best and most resourceful ways a general contractor can do this is by working with a total precast system. Working with precast concrete structures improves the construction schedule in a number of different ways, as listed below:

Construction Speed: The design, fabrication and installation of a total precast system helps meet deadlines and makes the project run easier, ensuring an attractive and superior product will be made offsite and ready to be installed when the site is ready. This is beneficial to a general contractor when permitting processes slow down or unforeseen delays arise at the site due to soil conditions or other factors.

All Weather Construction: Precast can be erected all year round, meaning projects can continue to move forward even with bad weather conditions that would hold up other building systems. This can ultimately help the project schedule to meet, or even exceed the owner’s expectations – ultimately helping their bottom line.

Fireproofing: In other building systems, fireproofing is a sprayed-on application that is messy and time consuming. A total precast system will eliminate this step on your project. Precast is a natural fireproofing material that can range from 1 to 3 hour protection to follow specifications.

Installation Process: Each piece of a total precast system is fabricated in a way to make sure the installation process will be seamless. As a single source, high quality supplier we are able to make solutions for any possible issues even before we are onsite. Small field modifications can also be made to help create a smooth erection process with minimal surprises once product is delivered to the job site.

As a general contractor with a project that has a challenging schedule ahead, can you really afford not to go with a total precast structure?

Scott Andreasen
Project Manager

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