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Information and infographic courtesy of the Tulsa Welding School

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It’s no secret that America’s infrastructure is in dire need of repair and replacement. Roads, airports and transportation systems are all in need of revitalization, as our infrastructure has been consistently earning D averages from the American Society of Civil Engineers over the past 20 years.

Unfortunately, there’s not enough skilled workers joining the workforce. Many promising students are steered toward four-year colleges rather than a vocational school.

In the precast concrete industry, manufacturers, suppliers, designers, contractors and customers are certainly feeling this squeeze in the labor market, and many are adjusting their recruiting efforts to fill the jobs they have available.

To help draw more young people into the trades, the Tulsa Welding School created a visual report to show students just how many opportunities the welding industry offers: trains, planes and automobiles, as well as most of the nation’s infrastructure, for that matter, all rely on welding.

Welding is an age-old craft, and plays a critical role in the precast industry for reinforcing steel, forms and much of the equipment that is used in a plant every day. It is an essential part of producing precast concrete materials. If more voices join in to spread the word, in time more students will see the benefit in becoming a skilled laborer as we look to rebuild our country’s infrastructure.