The Precast Studio Program

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As precasters and active participants in the construction industry we interact with architects on a constant basis. We as precasters are continually promoting the benefits of our product, and part of this is educating architects.

One way we do this is by promoting and participating in the PCI/CPCI precast studio program at local universities and colleges. The program was launched in the 13 years ago in the US, and has proven to be highly successful.

The main goal of the precast studio program is to provide practical information to architecture students, making them ready for participation in the design/construction industry when they complete their studies and transition to the working world.

The studio program provides funding and assistance to senior architecture students for precast concrete design projects.

We also provide design assistance, practical knowledge and materials for models.  The students learn in-depth details on how to design and manufacture precast concrete. This includes what can be done and what cannot. In turn, we learn more about architectural design.

The end result is an architect that understands the use and versatility of precast concrete, the practical applications and a general knowledge of construction. An additional benefit for us as precasters is meeting another generation of design professionals as well as giving back to the design community that supports us.

Art Macaw
Sales – Canada