The Basics on Rigid Insulation

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Over the years, you tend to get inquiries on what is bead board, what is Styrofoam, what is the blue stuff, what is the white stuff, is it XPS or EPS? How are they different?

A few of the important terms you will hear when dealing with rigid insulation are:

R-Value – The resistance to heat flow. Measured by 1” thickness, the higher the value, the better.

Perm Rating – The measure of a product’s ability to let water vapor pass through it. The higher the number, the higher the ability.

Closed Cell – Made of uniform cells that maintain their own shape, they are more rigid and trap a large amount of air, making it a good insulation medium. Because they are closed it makes for a rigid insulation product with higher compressive strength.

Open Cell – Made of irregular shaped cells that are linked together, the foam is softer, making for great sound-dampening products.

For reference, below you’ll find a comparison of three of the major types of rigid insulation Wells uses in our insulated panels .

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