Pulling into first with new finishes and features

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Concrete finishes have come a long way in a short period of time. For those producers who really care about their clients, it is important to step up and meet the challenge of providing the finishes those clients want and can use to beautify their structures.

Today, finishes range from standard water wash and acid etching to polishing and creating “old stone” look-alikes. In addition, combinations of any or all of the above are achievable within the same project, even within the same panel. In fact, Wells has been showcasing our Mock-up Building to clients to demonstrate these abilities for the past two years, and is currently in the process of creating yet another Mock-up Building to showcase even more recent finish and feature innovations.


Producers need to have strategies, a mentality focused on value and flexibility, and when the correct balance is achieved in satisfying your clients, you will be ahead of the game.

Spencer Kubat [VP Sales] Megan Nesius [Marketing Coordinator]

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