Precast Provides Winning Solution for Bressi Ranch

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Location: Carlsbad, Calif.
Engineer: Rick Engineering
Contractor: Basile Construction

Bressi Ranch in Carlsbad, Calif., is like many coastal communities. It has charming homes, beautiful parks, great schools and local shopping.

In 2017, the community began an expansion with a condominium and retail center built on 17 acres of vacant land; however, the project was going to produce a large amount of stormwater runoff. Thanks to precast concrete, though, the surrounding community won’t have to worry.

When developing the plans, Rick Engineering had to consider a system that could meet local volume control and treatment requirements, while also accommodating deeper than usual flowline elevations.

“The shallow nature of the surrounding off-site storm drain system required a very precise on-site storm drain design in conjunction with a deeper than usual cistern design,” said Carlos Avila, who served as project manager for Rick Engineering.

The team chose a precast concrete StormTrap system over plastic and other products since it can accommodate the depth and withstand the cover on top of the system. The system can store more than 65,000 cubic feet of water.

“The regional territory manager and design team at StormTrap were very responsive, professional and easy to work with,” Avila noted. “The design plan review, shop drawing review process and the final coordination for StormTrap’s Engineer-of-Record turned out very well and each task was performed in a very timely manner.”

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