Precast for General Contractors

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In the construction world there are a lot of unknowns that take place and if a General Contractor can find any avenue that they know will be reliable and make their life easier, that avenue would be using precast concrete components. Going with precast concrete components guarantees a smooth route for owners and designers in both the immediate and distant future.  Three keys to making your project a success while using precast concrete components include maintaining schedule, safety of personnel onsite, and the quality of products and construction.

Maintaining schedule:  Every project has a life cycle and every General Contractor wants to make sure that their milestones are met if not superpassed.  Precast concrete is produced offsite and is cured in a controlled environment, then stored until the jobsite is ready for installation to take place.  Installation can take place year round, so once the project’s jobsite is ready, the precast installer can begin installation at a much faster pace than other structural/architectural components that are built at the jobsite.  As the old saying goes “time is money,” and every day that is saved on the back end of the general contractor’s schedule helps their bottom line.

Safety of personnel onsite:  Making sure that your subcontractors and crews leave the jobsite the same way as they were when they arrived is important to us all.  Luckily, the precast panel systems take some of the worker-safety liability away from general contractors due to our off-site production and small crews to install onsite; which means fewer trades and safety risks onsite.

Quality of products and construction: There are many variations of design and architectural finishes and mixes that can be achieved with precast concrete systems.  From very smooth concrete, which is great for food processing, all the way to a glossy polish, which helps make your building pop aesthetically above all others.  Installation crews do a fantastic job in making sure everything is installed to plan.  They also help to coordinate with other trades onsite to ensure the construction life of the project continues moving forward to meet or surpass schedule expectations.  Wells Concrete makes it a priority to ensure that the quality of our products meet or exceed the owners’ and designers’ expectations.

Scott Andreasen
Project Manager