Overview of BIM 360 Design

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BIM 360 Design is Autodesk’s cloud worksharing, design collaboration, and data management product for improved project delivery. It joins the unified BIM 360 portfolio with a familiar composition — it enables the same Revit cloud worksharing that you’ve come to love in Collaboration for Revit, except that this worksharing functionality is now also built on the new BIM 360 platform. It includes a new “Design Collaboration” module in the new platform that was developed to make BIM management and design deliverable coordination on projects a whole lot easier.

Altogether, BIM 360 Design has these components:

  1. Revit Cloud Worksharing for multi-user model co-authoring (available both on next generation BIM 360 and also with BIM 360 Team as you have been doing in Collaboration for Revit*).
  2. Document Management module for data management, access controls, and web and mobile collaboration
  3. The new Design Collaboration module for milestone tracking and deliverable coordination
  4. Other administration modules for account and project setup (for more information, please read the Getting Started guide)
  5. Autodesk Desktop Connector, to connect your cloud repository to your desktop.

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