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Modularity Potential of Precast

By Wells Concrete BlogAugust 16, 2018

Credit: Original article published here. Precast concrete has the capability of incorporating other trades in a plant fabricated atmosphere.  Components can be cast into the concrete, or it can be used as a platform to prefabricate othe...

The Danger That Lurks Below

By NPCA BlogAugust 3, 2018

Credit: Original article published here. In June, city workers conducting regular maintenance in downtown Indianapolis detected an underground sinkhole that, thankfully, had yet to reach the surface. The sinkhole was caused by a deterior...

The Wide World of Welding

By NPCA BlogJuly 23, 2018

Credit: Original article published here. Click the image above to download the file. Information and infographic courtesy of the Tulsa Welding School Click on the infographic in order to zoom in and view the information. It’s no secret...

NPCA Participates in AASHTO Meetings

By NPCA BlogJuly 13, 2018

Credit: Original article published here. AASHTO – this acronym stands for American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. If you have not heard of them and build precast products for transportation-related projects, t...

Buffalo Takes on CSO with Precast

By NPCA BlogJuly 13, 2018

Credit: Original article published here. There is no doubt combinations can be great. For example, jelly is good, but it’s even better with peanut butter. Paul Simon is a talented singer, but he would have never become a superstar withou...

Improving Precast Sustainability

By NPCA BlogJuly 12, 2018

Credit: Original article published here. A sustainability software program is available for NPCA members to use for benchmarking sustainable development. By Claude Goguen, P.E., LEED AP The NPCA Sustainability Committee has recently acqu...

Taking Denver by Storm

By NPCA BlogJuly 12, 2018

Credit: Original article published here. Precast plays a winning role in Denver’s largest-ever storm drainage project. By Bridget McCrea The city of Denver stakes its claim to fame on the fact that it sits at one mile above sea level. Ho...

What’s new in Advance Steel 2019

By BIM & Beam BlogMay 7, 2018

Credit: Original article published here. We’re excited to announce the latest release of Autodesk’s structural steel detailing software, Advance Steel 2019. Here is a highlight of the main new and enhanced features available in this vers...

Overview of BIM 360 Design

By BIM & Beam BlogApril 30, 2018

Credit: Original article published here. BIM 360 Design is Autodesk’s cloud worksharing, design collaboration, and data management product for improved project delivery. It joins the unified BIM 360 portfolio with a familiar composition ...

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