Is Virtual Client Relations the New Normal?

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In just three months, client interaction has experienced sweeping changes.  Prior to the current pandemic, face-to-face interaction was a common way of communicating within the construction industry – with architects, engineers, owners, subcontractors, etc.  In our “New Normal” how much face-to-face interaction is necessary?  Many businesses are learning that it is far less critical to meet face-to-face than they once thought, and finding that engaging virtually can improve productivity.

At Wells, we have embraced the virtual model and have several virtual platforms for video, voice, and content sharing.  Wells recently launched a Webinar Series on June 10th – Designing Total Precast Office Buildings, and will host four additional webinars in the coming months.  If you missed the June webinar, don’t worry – you can view it on our Webinars page.

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In additional to the webinars – Wells also a library of accredited box lunch presentations to offer.  The following is a list of them.

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To schedule a box lunch presentation or if you have potential project to discuss, please reach out to your local sales representative at Wells.  It is still the same familiar face – the meeting might just be screen-to-screen instead of face-to-face.

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