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In an industry that sees around $10 trillion spent on related goods and services each year, construction still manages to fall behind on productivity when compared to other sectors. Scheduling, high costs, quality concerns and safety all impact our ability to increase productivity, but off-site production and prefabricated systems help solve all of these problems.


At Wells safety is our number one goal. Going with a total precast system limits the number of people needed on site to erect a building by taking the majority of the labor that would be needed on site and instead utilizing them in our precast production facilities. Putting the labor into a controlled environment is bound to lower the number of recordable incidents on site. Plates and anchors can be preinstalled in our precast pieces to use as tie off points for window washers and whomever else may need them. Precast also naturally has a better fire rating than stick frame buildings. These are just a few of the many things that makes precast the safe choice for contractors.


Total precast systems are undoubtedly the fastest buildings to erect. Most of the time spent on these projects is in the pre-construction phase. The time spent in the pre-construction phase speeds up the time that is needed to set a total precast building. This in turn allows for more occupants in the building faster. Precast may seem to be the more expensive option up front but it makes up for cost in time saved off the back end.

Cost Certainty

By engaging in the design process early on, the project’s design team and other key players align on project requirements from the beginning. Collaboration and transparency give all parties visibility into factors affecting the bottom line, the schedule, and so many other aspects of a project. Communication is the key to understanding, right from the start, the cost that will go into a project.


The quality control process is very important in the production of concrete, and all of Wells’ facilities are PCI-Certified. To insure that each and every piece delivered to the job site is of the highest quality, checks are done to ensure that concrete panels meet PCI (Precast/Prestress Concrete Institute) standards for both high quality aesthetics and structure.

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