How early in the design process should I involve my precast consultant?

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One of the unique things about architectural and structural precast concrete is that almost no two pieces are the same.  They may look similar or even identical on the exterior but inside they have different reinforcing or structural connections that are unique from piece to piece.  Because of this every precast project is custom and has a variety of design constraints that need to be considered for the building skin and superstructure!

As with almost every construction material out there, precast has a laundry list of do’s and don’t’s.  There are good applications and other times when it may not be the best solution.  And once you have determined that precast concrete is the right solution for you project there are many things that need to be considered to make it the most efficient and economical.  Aesthetic options are almost limitless with precast but some finishes work well with others and some don’t.  Panel layout and piece sizes can have a significant impact on the overall look of the exterior as well as having a drastic impact on unit and installation costs for the project.  Are structural column and flooring components the right solution for your building?  Space use and building layout can dictate whether or not precast is the best solution!  The list of specific items that can impact your overall quality and cost of the finished project is impactful and involving an SME from Wells is the simple answer to making sure you think through all of the design criteria early in the process!

Wells Concrete has a large team of account managers & sales consultants whose primary job function is to be available for owners, designers & engineers.  Our experience and knowledge about a specific product allow us to make your jobs easier!  Visit our website: to find someone who can help with all of your design assist needs. So…

Q: How early in the design process should you connect with a precast consultant?

A: As soon as possible!

Curt Gear
Director of Business Development

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