Create Tall, Open Interior Spaces with Precast Concrete

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Wells concrete offers several different solutions for tall open interior spaces.

Hollowcore plank.

Hollowcore plank is a lightweight, durable solution to creating a large open interiors. It provides solutions to everything from tornado shelters, roof decks, mezzanines, and garage floors and ceilings.  Sections come in 8”, 10”, and 12” deep – 8” being the lowest spanning and 12” being the highest. Hollowcore is very flexible when it comes to bearing situations, and is a good fit for your building’s needs.

Double Tees

Precast double tees provide a great long span solution to many different building types. Some of these buildings include food processing, parking garage, gymnasium roofs which can double as tornado shelters, and also mezzanines. Along with hollowcore plank, double tees can bear on nearly every surface that your building requires.

Total Precast Systems

Precast Truss System with Hollowcore Plank and Architectural Cladding

Think of the truss system as a long span joist with bearing ledges at the top and bottom. The truss is supported by pocketed columns on each end. The truss in turn supports hollowcore on the top and bottom ledges on each side. A series of trusses and levels of hollowcore then make up the structure. To close this system off, precast architectural cladding is placed around the exterior. All of our wall panels and precast cladding have the option to arrive at the site with preinstalled windows. This eliminates the need for temporary closure of openings until glass is ready to be installed. This system is great for office buildings, apartments, condos, and hotels.

Architectural precast walls that carry precast double tees.

Wells concrete has been building with this system for quite some time. Precast walls are typically cast with pockets in the form. These pockets provide bearing for the precast double tees. Some of our double tee sections can span in excess of 100’-0” which provides a wide open space.

Precast Wall with Hollowcore Plank and/or Double Tees

This system involves either architectural or structural wall panels which the plank and/or double tees bear on. Plank  generally bear on a steel bearing seat cast into the panel whereas double tees are bearing in pockets or full height scallops cast into the walls.

Precast Beam, Colum, and Hollowcore and/or Double Tees

This system is very popular in underground parking below apartment buildings and above ground parking ramps. Precast columns support the precast ledger beams which support the hollowocore plank and or double tees.

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