Communication is the Key to Accuracy

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Communication is a critical piece to any successful business.  As I mentioned in my last blog, communicating clearly with internal and external clients is so important for our days to run smoothly.  Did you catch the key word there?  The key word is:  clearly.

Maybe you’re in a meeting with a team and you think everyone understands the answer as well as you do.  This is where meeting minutes come in handy.  I know it takes more time to go back and type them up and send them to the group, and quite frequently we’re going from meeting to meeting so we might not have that time.  But, if nobody in the group took any notes, then there is no documentation about agreed upon action items.

Suppose you’re getting ready to pour a piece of precast concrete, let’s say a double tee for example.  You met with the engineer and drafter and they talked about the piece, which is great, but nobody wrote anything down.  It would be pretty difficult to know specific items about forming configurations, strand size, reinforcing spacing, amount of concrete, and connection detail locations.  Now, back that double tee up with a detailed piece ticket showing all those items and it’s going to be much easier to get the piece produced correctly.

Give it a try.  Make it a point to take notes during your next meeting and send it off to your group.  See if it answers any additional questions or maybe helps clarify something within your group.  It all goes back to communication and how clearly we interpret conversations.

Mat Boie

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