Graphisoft 2024 Innovate Event: Paris Olympics Athletes’ Village, Toronto’s Pier 27, and Spain’s Morph Estudio

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Graphisoft continued its 2024 series of Building Together events with an Innovate event held last month that was specifically focused on how architectural firms were making innovative use of its technologies for extending their design capabilities on many fronts, including parametric design, sustainable architecture, open collaboration, cloud platforms, and managing extremely large projects. These were demonstrated by the firms themselves, …

From Complexity to Clarity at AtkinsRéalis

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In this article, Dr Avgousta Stanitsa, Associate Design Researcher, and Sukhmit Singh, Digital Solutions Lead at AtkinsRéalis, show how, at the Building Design Research and Innovation (R&I) unit at AtkinsRéalis, they are generating impactful, emergent insight from data connectivity, dynamic technology ecosystems and continuous knowledge capture — and using it to enhance their design processes. URL:

Tackling the Challenge of AEC Technical Report Management

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Technical report deliverables, typically the most visible representation of an AEC company’s service, are currently an exercise in frustration, a source of inefficiency, and a hindrance to growth and profitability for most companies. Kelly L. Stratton of Quire discusses how to tackle the problem with a fresh approach.  URL:

Technology in Construction Webinar: Case Studies from ES Global and Laing O’Rourke

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A couple of months ago, I attended an online webinar in which ES Global and Laing O’Rourke, two leading UK construction companies, shared how they were using cutting-edge technologies on their projects. It was part of the “Digital Building Week” event put together by the organization, Building Design. In addition to discussing the technologies, the firms also presented case studies …

Xyicon: Asset Information Modeling for AEC

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The concept of BIM or “building information modeling” in AEC is so well established by now that it does not even need to be explained any more to any AEC professional, just as we stopped clarifying CAD as “computer-aided drawing” once it had become ubiquitous in AEC firms. There are now more solutions for BIM and BIM-adjacent tools than one …

Making the Case for Mandatory BIM in Public Construction Projects

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Public construction projects are among the largest public investments we make. They represent a significant portion of public capital and ultimately form the backbone of public infrastructure. Public construction projects, however, are notoriously complex and are frequently bogged down by delays or cost overruns. Which is why, according to Carl Veillette, chief product officer for Newforma, it would be wise …

Graphisoft Building Together 2024 Collaborate Event

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Last month, Graphisoft held the first of its Building Together events for 2024, one that was focused specifically on collaboration in AEC. In addition to highlighting Graphisoft’s solutions for collaboration, the Collaborate event provided an in-depth look at a customer case study showcasing this collaboration in action: the Nivy Centrum project in Bratislava, Slovakia by the firm SIEBERT + TALAŠ …

Build the Future ALLPLAN Summit 2024

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Last week, Nemetschek’s leading AEC technology brand, ALLPLAN, held a virtual event to provide an overview of its growing technology stack, which now includes the structural engineering solutions, SCIA Engineer and FRILO, in addition to its flagship BIM application, Allplan, the steel detailing and fabrication solution, SDS2, and the collaboration platform, Bimplus. In addition to showcasing its products and their …

The Impact of Big Data and Other Emerging Technologies on the Construction Industry

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The construction industry is on the cusp of a technological revolution, with big data and emerging technologies like blockchain, 3D printing, robotics, digital twins — and, of course, AI — poised to reshape the way buildings are designed, constructed, and operated. In this article, Don Jacob, Bluebeam co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, discusses how, by embracing these technologies and using …

What’s New in Revit 2025

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Revit expert Dan Stine provides a detailed overview of the new features in the just-released Revit 2025, including several toposolid enhancements for working with terrain models, improvements to work more easily with multiple materials, improved Project Browser search, a new Insights tab on the Home screen, more transparency and control over local storage, enhanced operating schedules and updated gbXML support …