Applications of Precast Concrete Slabs

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A primary benefit of precast concrete is that it saves significant time on a project because it arrives on-site already cast, cured and ready to install. Production of precast concrete involves pouring the concrete into a pre-made mold with pre-stress strands or rebar or both as the primary reinforcement and then allowing it to cure. Once it cures or hardens to a specified strength, it can then ship to the job site, where it can function in various applications.

Precast Concrete Slab Uses and Applications

Solid slabs are one of many types of precast concrete products. Slabs can be designed at many different thicknesses to meet span and loading requirements and come in a broad range of lengths and widths to meet a project’s specific needs. Because our slabs are solid and durable, they are ideal for applications that see continuous wear and tear from extreme weather and high levels of pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

Nitterhouse Concrete Products offers pre-stressed and conventionally reinforced precast concrete slabs in multiple design types, including balcony, stair-landing and floor slabs.

Some of the most common applications for these slabs include:

  • Building floors and roofs
  • Balconies
  • Parking garages and miscellaneous structures
  • Vehicle bridges
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Tunnel  covers
  • Elevated walkways
  • Stair landings

Why Use Precast Concrete Slabs in Building Structures?

In addition to strength and durability, two other significant reasons precast concrete slabs work well for building applications are their fire-resistant and sound-attenuating characteristics. Because these slabs are significantly more dense than many other concrete options, they are perfect for buildings in noisy communities or near a highway. Other valuable characteristics of precast concrete slabs include the following:

  • Energy-efficient via thermal mass
  • Superior weather resistance
  • Fire compartmentalizing
  • Design flexibility and adaptive reuse

Building Types That Use Concrete Slabs

Builders use precast concrete for many building types thanks to its durability and other structural benefits. The customization options make it ideal for designers who need flexibility in their structural planning. In addition, because it arrives on-site ready to install, it saves a significant amount of time over concrete options cast on the job site, translating to quicker project completion and less risk exposure for the on-site workers.

Types of buildings that benefit from precast slab usage include:

  • Office buildings
  • Homes and apartment complexes
  • Retail shopping outlets
  • Stadiums
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Schools

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