Addressing the Challenges of Today

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, developers, owners, and contractors alike are finding it increasingly challenging to secure funding on new and current projects.  Some borrowers are being forced to fund the beginning stages of the project up front while jumping through hoops to finalize their loan. The pressure is then passed on to the general contractor as they try to complete the project early so investors can generate income faster to recoup the cost.  Trying to balance new site regulations that include smaller crew sizes while permit duration times continue to increase can make it nearly impossible to mitigate project delays, let alone speed the project up!

Now more than ever, these obstacles will be important drivers to consider when looking at future projects. The beauty of our design is the repetitiveness of the construction, as our precast panels are poured off site in a controlled environment, minimizing safety risks and maximizing quality control.

Compared to conventional construction methods, a total precast system reduces the project’s construction time significantly while limiting the number trades on-site by incorporating mechanical, and electrical items into the precast during the production process.

Performance, durability, and sustainability are some of our top goals, however, let’s not forget about aesthetics.  Architectural concrete surface treatments and creative use of color, texture, and depth allows concrete structures to harmonize in any neighborhood.  With the versatility of manufactured concrete panels that look just like wood, stone, or brick – but have a radically longer anticipated life cycles, are cost effective, and energy efficient exceeding thermal performance requirements.

With the summer season quickly fading, harsh weather conditions will be here before you know it. The precast is delivered and installed by a small field crew and strategically sequenced providing an enclosed structure, thus creating an on-site controlled environment to allow maximum productivity, all year-round.

Theresa Starcher
Project Manager

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