PSA slotted insert

The PSA slotted insert is an innovative adjustable connection device cast into precast concrete panels used to connect panels to framework. A fresh look at design concepts, manufacturing methods, and performance characteristics have resulted in numerous innovations that have pushed the evolution of the slotted insert to the next level... the PSA slotted insert!


  • The modular design concept offers improved pull-out capacity of the basic insert. Higher capacities - up to 30 kips (nominal) - are easily achieved by the addition of component parts.
  • The totally automated manufacturing process offers the credibility of consistent performance levels not previously possible.
  • Available in stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized and J-Finish
  • Improved corrosion resistance is being mandated throughout the construction industry. The PSA slotted insert and strap anchor utilizes the J-finish, a remarkable new patented 3 step coating process developed by the automotive industry. Salt spray tests have rendered such superior results that traditional coatings of epoxy and hot-dipped galvanized are obsolete.
  • Extensive performance reports provide the highest level of credibility and are available for download.
  • Recommended Nominal Capacities
  • Downloadable Drawings And Models

PSA Strap Anchors

State-of-the-art of cast-in adjustable inserts for fastening precast panels to framework. Our standard 2" wide welded strap anchor provides the highest shear capacity.


  • Available in stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized and J-Finish
  • J-finish provides full corrosion protection onto threads
  • Flush location of threaded area allows flat placement of strap
  • A jam nut accommodates "push-pull" of wind loads
  • When vertical/horizontal movement is desired, a washer between jam nut and insert promotes full movement
  • Tension capacity exceeds 30 Kips
  • Available in 2" x 3/8" x 6",8",10" and 12" standard lengths. Custom Strap Geometries available in small and large quantities
  • Recommended Nominal Capacities

PSA Slotted Insert System PSA Slotted Insert System


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