In 1998, in response to feedback from the precast industry, JVI initiated a search of the state-of-the-art in flange connections (A flange connector is an anchored weld plate in the flange of a double tee used to connect double tees within a structure). Finding virtually no testing data and only one standard connection on the market, JVI invented a new flange connector - the VECTOR CONNECTOR.

Rigorous testing at the University of Wisconsin School of Engineering testing lab yielded dramatic results. The tension and shear values obtained were vastly superior to other connectors tested. Subsequent tests by separate precast producers in their own plants have confirmed these values. The VECTOR CONNECTOR offers a level of documented performance and consistency that - prior to its invention - was simply not available.


  • The Vector Connector can be used in all types of building systems where shear alignment connections are required. See testing reports for capacities and corresponding concrete thicknesses.
  • Non-welded monolithic construction.
  • Available in J-Finish or stainless steel.
  • Centers mesh in the flange.
  • Folded design offers a desirable ductile failure mode.
  • Blockout Eliminates spalling or cracking during field welding.
  • ¼: 4 slope of reversible face plate accommodates both positive and negative positions.
  • Cost effective.
  • Eliminates expensive remedial ‘fixes’.
  • Adaptable for seismic applications.
  • Documented test data.
  • Complete User Guidelines
  • Recommended Nominal Capacities
  • Downloadable Drawings And Models




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