The JVI Spider Plate is an innovative, studless solution to the miscellaneous 6” x 6” headed concrete anchor embed plate. Extensive testing has shown that it can perform well in as little as 2” of concrete and is an exceptional mechanism to transfer shear loads. The JVI Spider Plate is available in two depths (1-½” and 2-½”) and is manufactured with a “rebar tunnel hole” which allows the user to add supplemental reinforcing to satisfy edge conditions without requiring welding.


  • Eliminates the concern of stud weld quality
  • Ductile
  • Can be cast into concrete as thick as 2”
  • Cost Effective
  • Available in J-Finish or Galvanized
  • Meets AWS Standards
  • Lean manufacturing friendly
  • Spider Plate

    Shallow Spider Plate: 66SHCT

  • Spider Plate

    Deep Spider Plate: 66DHCT

  • Spider Plate

    Supplemental Rebar by others, as required for edge conditions



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