In 2001, in response to feedback from the precast industry, JVI initiated a search for the state-of-the-art in shear/alignment connections. Finding virtually no testing data and only one standard connection on the market, JVI invented a new shear/alignment connector - the MINI-V SHEAR CONNECTOR.

Rigorous testing at the University of Wisconsin School of Engineering testing lab yielded dramatic results. The results obtained were extremely consistent and the ultimate values were higher than anticipated. The MINI-V SHEAR CONNECTOR offers a level of documented performance and consistency that - prior to its invention - was simply not available.


  • The Mini-V Shear Connector is designed for use in a minimum of 2" thick precast concrete.
  • Two styles are available: Square Mini-V (vertical faceplate) and Angle Mini-V (10 degree faceplate slope).
  • Available in J-Finish or stainless steel.
  • Non-welded monolithic construction.
  • Sits on or above mesh for easy production installation.
  • Folded design offers a desirable ductile failure mode.
  • Helps eliminate spalling or cracking during field welding.
  • Cost effective.
  • Eliminates expensive remedial "fixes".
  • Adaptable for seismic applications.
  • Documented test data.
  • Recommended Nominal Capacities
  • Downloadable Drawings and Models

Products Mini-V can be used in are:

  • Wall Panels.
  • Field Topped Tees.
  • Roof Tees.
  • Prison Cells.
  • Any product that can utilize shear/alignment connections.

Mini Vector Connector


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