The TSS and RVK have the same function, hidden gravity connections for precast stairs and landings. Both are telescopic solutions where the unit is cast into the precast concrete and when erected, an inner tube is pulled out to fit in a receiving pocket in a support wall or beam.

The design methodology for the TSS is identical to the RVK and the TSS is also available in different sizes to accommodate different loads.

The TSS difference is that TSS units are hidden in the concrete and not exposed at the surface like the RVK. Making it an ideal solution for conditions where the precast surface is exposed. The inner tube is moved into position during erection using heavy-duty, nylon strings.


  • Safe and Simple Installation on site
  • Eliminates welding
  • Corbel free connection with clean, elegant lines
  • Available in (2) capacities/sizes
  • Reduces stair impact sound
  • Downloadable Drawings And Models



TSS Hidden Stair/Slab Connection


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