The RVK Stair Connection is an innovative solution to the age-old question of how to connect precast concrete staircases. It is a standard prefabricated connection used between stair landing and wall, precast into concrete stairways.

In 1994, JVI was approached by PARTEK (now SPENNCON CORP.), a Norwegian firm, to market and sell the BSF framing connection system and the RVK stair connection. These two hidden connections offer clean streamlined aesthetics by eliminating unsightly corbels or ledges. These are valuable tools in helping the architect choose precast over cast-in-place. Obviously, consideration for the use of these products can be best accommodated early in the design phase of a project.


  • Quick clean hidden connection
  • May be cast in up or down positions depending on the required finish of the surfaces
  • JVI Masticord pad reduces ‘stair noise’
  • Downloadable Drawings And Models

RVK Stair Connector



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