The BSF/BCC connection is a hidden beam end connection for gravity loads that eliminates the need for projecting column corbels. It provides a simple, efficient connection that allows the designer new freedom in creating clean, elegant lines in the completed precast/prestressed concrete structure. The BSF connection can be used in all types of building structures where beams frame into columns, such as office buildings, hotels, parking structures, schools, sports stadiums, and other similar structures.

In 1994, JVI was approached by PARTEK (now SPENNCON CORP.), a Norwegian firm, to market and sell the BSF framing connection system & the RVK stair connection. These two hidden connections offer clean streamlined aesthetics by eliminating unsightly corbels or ledges. These are valuable tools in helping the architect choose precast over cast-in-place. Obviously, consideration for the use of these products can be best accommodated early in the design phase of a project.

Benefits - Construction:

  • Clean straight lines
  • Completely hidden connection
  • Easily used with round columns
  • Easily protected against fire and corrosive elements
  • Quick bolting or welding on site
  • Flexibility in column production sequence
  • 4 Capacities

Benefits - Time & Money:

  • Reduces space requirements for storage and transport
  • Lowers transport costs
  • Saves time in design and drafting
  • Efficient production technique
  • Standard hardware inventory




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