Available as shim strips, shim packs, bearing strips and horseshoe shims, SHIMMERS are perfect for leveling and accurate placement of precast and prestressed concrete walls, floors and architectural and structural components.

SHIMMERS are molded from a high impact polystyrene (H.I.P.S), which combines high compression strength and superior load bearing surface contact characteristics. They assure accurate placement of precast and prestressed concrete walls, floors, architectural and structural concrete members.

They also offer true shim thicknesses with a greater load bearing contact area. Cored-out, hollowed-out shims with less material are cheaper, more apt to fail and lose compression under load. Shims with holes, fancy bumps, interlocks and striations don't give true surface contact. They can reduce the load bearing contact area up to 70%.


  • Aids in the accurate placement of precast and prestressed concrete panels
  • Molded from an engineered copolymer plastic
  • Ultra-high compression strength... with tests to prove it
  • Superior load bearing surface contact characteristics
  • Unaffected by micro-organisms and alkalis, ground chemicals and liquids
  • Odorless, will not rot, rust, stain or leach
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses
  • Offered in sheet form, pre-scored so crews can snap-off as needed
  • Minimizes waste, handling and inventories
  • No sawing, hand tools or cutting required
  • Save time labor and money
  • Also available as "Tapered Wedge", and "Keyhole" Shimmer for easy use
  • Product catalog and material properties available for download



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