DYNALON Slide Bearings... A highly efficient maintenance free method of accommodating lateral stress in structural components. Composed of highest quality PTFE sheet, DYNALON can be permanently bonded to any size, type or thickness of steel plate, neoprene pad, or preformed fabric pad. Custom assemblies can be furnished complete or DYNALON can be bonded to customer's assemblies.

DYNALON can be used in both steel and concrete construction. Typical applications are found in the construction of bridges, parking decks, sports arenas, civic centers, high rises, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, office buildings, warehouses, and pipelines.


  • Ideal for commercial structures requiring long spans uninterrupted by columns or posts
  • Accommodates lateral movement caused by thermal forces
  • Widely used as pipe slides and in pipeline saddles
  • Composed of virgin PTFE sheet permanently bonded to steel
  • Meets current AASHTO specifications
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High load capacity
  • Easily installed
  • Maintenance free
  • Engineering Specifications

DYNALON Slide Bearings


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