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February 01, 2016

The JVI  PLATINUM J-Finish meets the same corrosion resistance requirements as set forth by the JVI Gold J-Finish.

PLATINUM JVI J-Finish is a (3) step process as detailed below.

1.       Zinc Plate Per ASTM B633 FE/Zn12 TYPE II, SC3 Severe, (minimum thickness 0.0005”)

2.       Trivalent Clear Chromate

3.       Sealer

The required Technical Specifications of the PLATINUM JVI J-Finish are detailed below.

PLATINUM JVI J-Finish Specifications

1.    Zinc Coating Thickness            

Minimum .00050” on significant surface.

2.    Appearance

There shall be no evidence of blisters, peeling, pinholes, pits or rough surface on parts.

3.    Adhesion Requirements

There shall be no defects such as peeling, blisters or cracking after heating coated parts to 300 ± 10º C for 30 ± 5 minutes and quenching in water at 15º C to 25º C.

4.    Corrosion Resistance

        ASTM B 117

Part shall show no evidence of white corrosion after 96-hour exposure.

Part shall show no evidence of red rust after 500-hour exposure.